Boards and Boxes require 48/hr notice. Graze Tables require a 10 day notice.



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    Our Graze Boards are our standard, everyday option of a beautifully delicious graze board. They can be used for anything from meetings to weddings and everything in between. Everything is already prepared, and ready for serving. The board they come on can be disposed of after use. Boards vary from $125-$300.

    Our Graze Tables are our beautifully- highly curated, personally designed option. We have a collection of wooden boards, and other props to create a bountiful, exciting display for any type of event. We set up, decorate and come back after the event to clean up and pick up our boards. We also have a flat lay table option that uses no props and you can just dispose of everything once your event is over!

    Unfortunately, at this time we cannot fulfill orders at a short notice. We are improving and hope to one day be able to. We can only fulfill orders placed 48-hour in advance! Please review our Calendar for availability.

    Yes! Please put all boards in the fridge until you intend to serve. Our cheese & charcuterie, and fruit boards can handle being in the fridge overnight. Every board is wrapped up to ensure safe delivery and to help safeguard from drying out. We do however recommend taking all cheese & charcuterie boards out an HOUR before serving for optimal and robust flavors! From personal trial and error, we have seen that some parts of our crudités do dry out if left in the fridge overnight.

    Absolutely! Please let us know if there is something special you'd like to include . We’ll do our best to accommodate. Some requests may incur additional charges.

    Absolutely! We can take off any allergy and replace it with fruit or a dried product like raisins. PLEASE NOTE: WE ARE NOT A ALLERGY-FREE FACILITY! Cross contamination can STILL happen. Please be advised!

    Day of change of date will not be accepted. We can only accept board cancellations 48 hours after order confirmation. After that, we will not be able to refund the order. We can accept a 48-hour change of date or hold the order for another time. Graze Tables require a 50% deposit to secure your date with the balance due 10 days before your event. Any table orders canceled at least 14 days before your event will be refunded 100% We will change your date (based on availability) for any table order canceled 10-13 days before the event. You will forfeit your deposit for any orders canceled less than 10 days before your scheduled event.

    With all respect, we do not do any trades for social media, influencers, brands, or the like. We can work with a budget if it collectively works for both parties. We are always happy to work with like-minded food companies or individuals for “trade” where our products help lift each other up.

    Each table is different however on average it takes around 2 hours to create each table.

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